Off road vacations and road trips are wonderful experiences to have on your own or with your family. They are wild and tests even the bravest in some instances. It is also a good opportunity for bonding with family members and friends. But going off road can become a bit of an issue where convenience and security are concerned so if you require a proper bathroom every time then this is probably not your cup of tea. For those who are interested here are some tips on gathering gear for the trip.
• Warn medium duty winching tool kit
Required for fixing your broken down four wheeler or when you hit that pothole and damages something on the bottom which should not have come out. Usually the Warn kit is the best in quality and has gloves, 2 shackles, snatch blocks, recovery strap and denier carry bag which helps you carry around on your four wheel.
• Element ramps
Usually created to weather any weather, element ramps are traction aids to help your vehicle move in any weather beaten road and especially snow or sand areas. In most cases these are heavy duty nylon reinforced plastics and have high traction surfaces to help you get out the mud patch or the snow or ice patch in the middle of the road that will not let you pass. Smittybilt is the brand that is quoted by any professional off roader. 

• Spare tires
Make sure to add a spare tire and the tire changing kit onto the back of your vehicle before you drive off into the horizon to make sure that you do not get stuck in the middle of mountainous areas with a flat.
Also keeping a tire deflator with you just in case areas of rocky terrains and mountainous areas where the air needs to be let out for the tire to gain traction against the terrain. Usually Currie deflator kit is sworn by professional off roaders.
• Hella lights
Consider investing in some Hella lights for sale in order to travel easily in areas during the night as it will be hard to go by the regular headlight lamps of your vehicle unless you upgrade those for Hella too.
Usually their products range from four wheelers according to LED, high performance, and other features which are specific to each vehicle type and the area you will be travelling to. If you do not want to go for Hella lights for sale make sure that your headlights are strong enough to support your vision in any area. See this link to find out more types of LED lights.
Depending on whether you are going through a forest or desert weather is not something that you predict so it is best go prepared for any condition and take enough measures to make your experience a good by safe one.