If you are a proud owner of a car, which you want to look like a more sporty, luxurious and trendy version than that of your neighbour, friend or relative. And you have that urge to make your car to be faster, look faster and to make you look cooler. Well, the way forward is to customize your car into that perfect dreamy vessel of a car you think of. Here are a few tips on the best way to Customize and upgrade your car into exactly that.

Get Better Stops

Brakes are an integral part of how your drive is going to be. Every time you accelerate, every instance you press down on your throttle and at times you want to burst up your speed your brakes system should be up to standard. Installing Carbon Ceramic pads as a VE break upgrade will help you to not gunk up the wheels with grey break dust.

Get on a Good paint

The difference between an old paint and a newly done paint job is quite remarkable. But in this case the new paint applied should be done with stylish dazzling colours with the use of vinyl’s and stripes. The paint and the colour of the car determines a majority of how others perceive the state of the car to be. Looks are everything.

Get new Wheels

A stylish set of new wheels/rims from a new company will do wonders for your car. As well as improving the handling capabilities, a new set of wheels will increase the performance as well as the look and feel factor of the car. There’s a huge variety of customizable rims out there so choose wisely. You should be able to compare and match the two ends of performance verses style.

Remodel your interior

A Classy Comfortable interior is everything to look for. Making sure that your car’s interior is decorated and remodelled is an essential if you want to maintain the overall image of your vehicle. The types and styles of material available for the interior of a vehicle is vast. You would have to consider your budget and then implement to remodel the interior based on your likes and tastes.

Install Good Headlights

The difference between a cheap set of bulbs and a high end set of bulbs is quite visible. Sure the price maybe higher than the normal, but the higher price can be justified for better visibility and a more stylish outcome. Varied types of Headlights are used in today’s market and a good choice should complement the other aspects of the car upgrades as well.