What makes a new born cling on to the mother among humans or any animal for that matter? It is soothing to the mind and a great feeling of security. This touch and stroking is reassuring not only for kids but even in adulthood. They say beauty is skin deep but love is heart deep. The measure of worth of an article could be reflected in how the owner is holding, caressing, embracing etc, in short, caring. Preservation of value is achieved by utmost care of it and caring cannot be haphazard, it is done with meticulousness and precision. There is a careless caring too i.e. a superficial show of mindfulness but with no sincere commitment. We hear of many abuses in the caring services in elderly homes, baby sitting and many institutions which are meant to be caretakers although it is the individuals who are employed and not the institution to be blamed.

For this reason, many do not depend totally on care services when they themselves could handle the job, as the item that needs care is of utter importance bearing a sentimental value. Many prefer to do their own hand car wash rather than taking it to the shed unless otherwise it is physically difficult and also due to time constraints. Hence, service stations should take to heart how much the clients trust them and handle the vehicles like a mother holds her baby. Personally handling the auto cleaning has its extremes but yet worth it the reason simply being to have the vehicle in mint condition always, not forgetting the re-saleable value.

It is said by the psychologists that for a man (for a woman as well), owning a vehicle is an extension of his heart, and over care could kindle the jealousy of his spouse. His personality, passion, pride etc, are all depicted by the mobile. He therefore prefers a hand car wash Melbourne on his own. As face is the index of the heart, the outward appearance does reveal the heart of the person who uses the vehicle. And so, in this effort apart from cleaning and brushing the interior, the shell plus all the other parts that appear to the outsider should be given much attention preferable one ca week. Being exposed to the polluted air, dust, fuel fumes, birds’ droppings, leaves etc, they all leave coarseness and marks every day. Just a splash of water each day would not suffice.

The manual effort by the owner would be more than a complete job as his heart goes with every move and rub. With the ideal material and shampooing fluids around, if treated like a pet dog which loves a bath and a scrub, there is an emotional side in it. At the end of the day it will be a job well done beyond expectation, deriving a joy with pride.