Are you thinking of going on a road trip the next time you have to go somewhere instead of flying there like you usually do? Well, good on you. Not many people enjoy the open road and the feeling of a car ride that takes hours anymore. Now, driving in the modern world is a task that is very different to the good old days. The unwritten rules that apply when you are avoiding traffic situations and staying safe during the trip have changed. Follow these tips to make sure you are still able to have a fun trip while saving some money as well. For one, you need to get a ton of sleep. It doesn’t matter if you are typically a night owl. Before you embark on a long road trip where you are the designated driver, you need to get as much sleep as you can. The last thing you need is to fall asleep at the wheel.

Don’t be a tired driver

If you are in the least bit tired, find some highly secure parking space and take a nap. Even if you aren’t, the monotony of a long drive can cause you to pay less attention to the road. This is true when you are driving down the long highway routes and you are losing yourself in seeing the same sight all the time. Make sure you constantly take breaks from all of this continuity by stopping every couple of hours, getting out and taking a quick ten-minute walk. Breathe in some fresh air, grab some coffee or some juice, stretch your legs and take a nap if you need to. If you still feel tired, you may have to go ahead and find yourself a place to stay for the night. Never drive while tired. In addition to putting yourself at risk of an accident, you can also be the reason behind some innocent bystander being critically wounded.

Know the law and stick to it

When you are planning out your route, look for places with casual parking in Sydney CBD where you can pit stop, recover and freshen up. In addition to this, you need to know the law. This is especially true if you are on the road and crossing different states. Laws tend to change from state to state, but you need to have one law for yourself. Do not, under any circumstances, use your cellphone while your vehicle is moving. It is illegal in most states, and it could also end up hurting you and the others around you.

Do not do it. Texting, talking on the phone and whatever else is bad. Taking your eyes off the road for 3 seconds in order to change the music that is currently playing could result in fatalities.