Similar to humans, vehicles have expiry dates too. They will breakdown at some point. But such situations are never unpredictable. You will see them coming if you look for the right signs. Their perform capacity will reduce with time. At such circumstances, you will need to solve the problem immediately. This will definitely help you to save the car from getting damaged permanently.
Low accelerating power
You will not be able to cruise around in your car in the speed that you want. Your accelerator will start to work poorly. As a result, the speed of your vehicle will begin to decrease. This can be quite troubling and very annoying, especially if you are in a hurry. So, if you notice your vehicle to perform slowly than it used to, then that means that it is going to breakdown sometime soon.
Engine light blinks
If you see your engine light blinking, then there is definitely something wrong with your vehicle. Just because the engine light blinks, do not think that something is wrong with the engine. It does not necessarily have to be so. There might be a problem with other parts of the vehicle too. Usually, the light blinks when the problem is quite severe. Thus, you will need to sort it out quickly. This way, you will be able to avoid a break down and a subsequent scrap metal in Canberra.
Inability to start
If your car does not start as soon as you put the key in, then you need to dig deep to solve the problem. Do not think of this as a minor issue since it can complicate into a serious problem. If you experience this problem frequently, then your vehicle might stop running in the middle of the road. At such circumstances, you will have to remove your vehicle off the road through a 24 hour towing service This can be quite inconvenient and costly. So, the next time your car does not start properly, get a mechanic to check it immediately.
Unusual noises
 If you hear weird and unusual noises in your vehicle, it means that there is something wrong with the internal system. It could simply be a problem in the air conditioner or even might be something more severe. Regardless, make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible. This will help you to stop the issue from deteriorating into a worse condition.

Remember that such problems usually occur due to our own faults. So, do not misuse your vehicle and make sure to maintain it on a regular basis.