Road trips are an integral part of vacations. Wherever you may be or wherever your destination maybe, if you’re travelling with little kids then chances are you will need some help in keeping them occupied. So today we have a list of ways to make long journeys more tolerable for little children.

The main issue with long road trips is the cramped space. This not only affects the children but adults as well, so to make the journey a little bit easier making regular stops along the way will give everyone a chance to relieve themselves from their restlessness. To make the trip more interesting, stopping at interesting sites and not just rest stops is a great way to distract everyone from the rest of the journey that lies ahead. So let the kids out of their high quality rear facing seat or booster chair and let them let off some of the pent up energy.

Another way to pass the tie on a road trip is to make the children more aware of their surroundings. While this might seem like an activity that might not hold the attention of a child for very long, have then make a scrapbook of the journey and this will ensure that they are occupied in their booster or rear facing seat. This will not only keep them occupied but it will also be a souvenir or the trip which they can show to their friends at school.

The classic way to keep children from asking the dreaded “are we there yet?” is by distracting them with car games. It has been used by parents long before portable DVD players took ever the task and though it might be a more antiquated method, it still works. The benefit of this method is that it doesn’t simply keep your child distracted from the long journey but it gives you a chance to connect with them. This is one of the integral parts of road trips, the close proximity builds a bond among the travellers that is treasured forever.

You can go for the classic car games such as eye spy which will help stimulate your child’s brain as well rather than having them glued to a TV screen.

Road trips might seem like a travel method of the past with cheap air fare available in the market. But what you don’t realise is that road trips make a lasting impression on us that can’t be erased. So while it is not necessary for all vacations to have a road trip, having at least one memorable trip is a must for any child.